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We Guarantee

Top Quality Material

Our brass and stainless steel products are created with our top quality assurance that each product will have the durability to withstand long-lasting use. All of our products are personally hand labeled and packaged for each order by the ABH Team.

UL-Rated Lenses

All of our door viewer series have UL-rated lenses certified for use for structural fire resistance and separation of adjacent spaces to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and the spread of fire to or from the building.

One Year Warranty

All of our products are protected under our limited, one-year warranty. Certification of the warranty is included with every purchase. Our company guarantees to fully replace any defective product at no additional charge.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our products at competitive industry pricing with discount incentives on all large purchases. Our team provides one-on-one customer service to ensure you the best pricing at all times.



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